“Wait ‘Til Next Year”

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For Dalton graduate Justin Troyer, winning the inaugural Daily Record Fantasy Football League was definitely something fun and the ending was special.
“To beat Zach Bolinger, that was extra special,” said Troyer. “He was really razing me in the draft room at the beginning of the year and then my team goes off for a season-high 180 points. I just loved it a lot.”
In fact, Troyer’s team named “Wait ‘Til Next Year” capped a dominating playoff that saw it enter by way of the wildcard slot. First Troyer’s team knocked off Productivity DestrJT Troyeroyers, managed by Jason Storck, 97.62-80.16 and then pasted Country Crooners, ran by our own Andrew Vogel, 113.14-53.62.
On the other side, it was Bolinger’s team “Weeden and Weep” who knocked off a pair of Daily Record staff members back-to-back starting with Sports Editor Aaron Dorksen and his team “Doc Bombers” 133.70-87.48 before knocking off yours truly squad named simply “J-Mac” 93.76-69.66 to meet Troyer’s team in the Super Bowl.
From there, Wait till next year, did exactly that opposite as Aaron Rodgers lit up Tennessee to get 32.78 points, Dez Bryant played his best game of the season to get 34.40, Reggie Bush ran all over Buffalo and cost Chan Gailey his job with 28.70 points and the Chicago defense rebounded with a 26-point effort. That all amounted to a 180.08-137.66 win with no dramatics.
“It was definitely fun beating up on people I know,” said Troyer. “That is what made this league fun was that you knew everyone in it.”
As for any advice for other draftees, Troyer had this to say.
“I just knew I was getting a quarterback in the first round and to anyone else, I’d say just have fun.”
Finishing third was myself with a consolation win over Vogel.
To all Fantasy Football players it was a great season and it was fun.

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