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All the positive vibes built by the Browns during their 3-game winning streak were just erased in a little more than three hours — or how long it took the Washington Redskins to put a 38-21 whipping on them in the images-13home finale in Cleveland.

Turns out the Redskins didn’t need RG3 Sunday — fellow rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins was almost perfect (and a lot safer with his own health) in the second-half shredding of a Browns defense that continually allowed Cousins to get out of the pocket. Cousins took it from there in directing four scoring drives after the half.

I suspect Browns head coach Pat Shurmur’s fate has already been determined — nothing short of an 8-8 finish could have saved him. Mike Holmgren may have bought the fool’s gold of the Eric Mangini-led four-game winning streak that ended 2009, letting Mangini come back the next season, but new Browns president Joe Banner doesn’t appear to be as soft-hearted. Cleveland is going to have a new coaching staff in 2013.

The Browns have good things coming in the future. At the very least, they’re watchable this season — admittedly a low bar, but a necessary first step. The question remains, though — how much a part of that future involves quarterback Brandon Weeden?

Already with age working against him, Weeden has been terribly inconsistent. Against the Skins — and especially compared to Cousins — he was just terrible. Immobile and inaccurate, he might be the 32nd best starting QB in the NFL. Actually, after Sunday, he may be 33rd.
Once again, the focus of Cleveland’s offseason will be a coaching search, and it will be interesting to see how attractive working for Jimmy Haslam is to some big names.But when that search is over, one for a quarterback must begin.

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