Heartache, pain and a tragedy to remember

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Sitting here tonight, pondering the truth or reality of what happened today, I am filled with so many thoughts. The pain and the anguish, the indescribable emotions that once again made so many of us stop what we were doing and again, made time stop as the news trickled in.
The details filled all social networks and news outlets, flooding them with up to date information and details in regards to the days happenings in Newtown, Connecticut.
It was enough to make my stomach twist, my mind went to my little man sitting just a couple hundred feet from my home in his own elementary school room. I pondered my emotions, my thoughts and to each parent, to each person connected to anyone in this tragedy today, I can’t even begin to put into words the feelings that flowed through my veins.
Just how senseless of an act was this? How this made every high school basketball game or swimming event tonight meaningless in the big scope of it all. How such actions transpond all sporting events and works to pull people from all ways of life together.
I can’t help but hear the rhetoric of stricter gun policies and people screaming what needs to happen.
I want to throw out my two cents. Let’s take the time to remember those who aren’t with us today, let’s take the time to remember their lives and above all let us all live our lives for the betterment of each other.
It isn’t about guns or the rules you put on them. Either way, evil will find a way to possess such weapons.
It’s all about media sensationalism as said by my boss Aaron Dorksen which I agreed with. If for one moment, we didn’t run these mucks on the TV screen, because really I don’t care about what they did prior, the lives that they led, what went wrong or how sad their lives were. I don’t want to see another one on my TV screen, I don’t want to see anymore glorification of a mass killing and the muck behind it. Let the police authorities handle it and a small runner across the TV screen with the mucks name is suffice.
Only then are we getting the edge on the mucks who say “bleep” to the world and want to show us just who they are. Their determination to get their five seconds of glory and where each of us clamor to know every detail of their muck of a life.
So I urge each of us to lock arms, say enough is enough. We won’t tolerate anymore media sensationalism, we don’t care about the muck carrying out the act nor will we ever.
Our hearts yearn to wind the clock back, to give each of the lives snuffed out today another lease on life. What happened to the nine cat lives that we so jokingly thought we had as kids.
Today, we bow our heads and pray for all the lives lost and hug our kids a little tighter and whisper, “I love you,” to them with just a little more emotion.

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Joshua McWilliams

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