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So this spring we are actually going to see a vote put forth to decide do we separate the public and private schools. The arguments for both are rampant, but few actually hold water.
I have seen people going to twitter or other social networks proclaiming how this is the fix. Other saying that it will cause more separation than there presently is already.
My personal belief is that in order to crown a true state champion we need to contest at some point featuring the best of the best. To all the public school kids excited about going to the state playoffs with no private schools on the agenda, I have to ask, won’t that title be hollow?
You truly will not be the best of the best in your division, you will just simply be the best of the public schools. In order to really crown a true state champion, I believe firmly in the McWilliams Plan.
As I proposed prior, let’s make separate playoffs with public in one and private in the other. Take both champions in each division and let them duke it out for the state title. Only then can you crown a true state champion.
Going by the MP, there will not be any private schools to hinder a public school from making the state championship game. For private schools, you will have duke it out with schools who likewise recruit thus creating an even platform.
At the state championship, one public school will duke it out with one private school for one ultimate state title per division.
So my vote for the current proposal proposed by the Competition Committee is simple, NO.

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