Super Contest goes to Patriots

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In about 24 hours the Super Bowl will kick off and lots of people will either begin losing a bunch of money, food, friends and etc. The commercials will run constantly and I will be tuning in just to see which one is the funniest this year on top of watching Tom Brady win his fourth Lombardi Trophy.
Call me crazy but I just don’t see this big contest between the New England Patriots and New York Giants being as close as some my think. I listened to some right here in the sports department talking as if the Giants were the favorites and listing every reason why. Well I don’t have time to argue every point and neither will I waste my typing fingers to do so.
I will just clue you all in as to why I believe Brady and the Pats win it all.
1) Tom Brady – When was the last time the NFL has seen a quarterback like Brady? I would venture to say the last time someone like Brady has graced an NFL field would have been when Joe Montana made No.16 popular while leading San Francisco 49ers dynasty. Brady is everything you want in a quarterback, he is calm, cool, a fiery leader, accurate passer, decent arm, smart decision maker and above all he has Gronk. Even add in Josh McDaniels, a promise to Robert Kraft (Owner) that he would perform much better in the next game and you wonder, what Brady has in store next.
2) Bill Belicheck – The man who got away from Cleveland. That would be Belicheck himself, who never says very much, uses film time to motivate his players and always seems to find a way to pull a bunny out of the hat. People wrote him off when Drew Bledsoe went down, instead a sixth-round pick named Brady stepped in and Bledsoe was sent packing as history was being made. Yes, the Giants bested Belicheck last couple times the two teams met by getting heavy pressure on Brady, but remember the game is all about X’s and O’s, something that Belicheck proven time and time again to be a master of.
3) Eli Manning – To give everyone the skinny quickly, he has a great name, has played well, but has been playing on borrowed credit. When will something not go his way, hopefully Sunday for Patriots fans, but reality has shown that luck doesn’t stay forever. His fortunate escape in Super Bowl XLII which allowed for a miracle catch by David Tyree and a couple of Sunday’s ago his miracle pass that was somehow snared by Hakeem Nicks in the endzone right before halftime. Let’s be real, sometime reality will kick in. It will be gut check time on Sunday.
So with all that said, I offer you all this harsh reality. Do I think the Patriots can stop the Giants, No, and do I think the Giants will get to Tom Brady, Yes, but at the end I say New England 34-24 Super Bowl Champions.

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Joshua McWilliams

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