Big Problems for Smithville Dream Team

| January 11, 2012 | 3 Comments

The Board of Education for Green Local Schools apologized to the community at a board meeting towards the end of December. They evened rescinded the forced resignation of legendary Smithville Football coach Keith Schrock and spoke of how they were going to work to make amends.
I believe the real answer is resoundingly very hollow.
To the Board of Education for Green Local Schools and their dream team of Judy Robinson (superintendent), Andy Becker (athletic director) and Tim Keib (principal), this fiasco sits on your hands. The failure to let a legend walk out in the sunset the way he deserved, there are no excuses.
A trumped up evaluation, a pre-written resignation, a supposed straw count that did and now didn’t happen, all of it just sounds like a bunch of muck. I was appalled at how Robinson, Becker and Keib handled this matter and for the board for not taking real action.
At the heart of the issue is the dis-connect between the Dream Team and the Board with the residents of Smithville. Is the Dream Team and the Board this void of common sense, I will never knock the Board’s or the Dream Team’s education, but let’s talk common sense.
Common sense, says Becker, Keib and Robinson need to learn something about respect and maybe something about Smithville. Things you should know before taking a job in a school district is the lore, what is that district all about?
In Smithville, it was about football and it just so happened that Keith Schrock was the head of that great and legendary program. Players breathed his name, wanted to play for him and spoke later in life of how much of an impact that he had on their lives.
He taught kids in the classroom, was open to helping them learn and this didn’t just include his football players, but his students. Schrock wanted to win and that wasn’t just channeled to the gridiron.
So now the legend himself will drive off into the sunset, not the way he wanted, but undoubtedly his head will still be held high. The Dream Team and Board cannot strip him of, the memories and all those wins!
Lastly I urge the residents of Smithville, you will have a chance to voice your opinion when these same board members are up for re-election. Make your voice count, don’t let another Schrock fiasco happen.

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Joshua McWilliams

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    Big Problems for Smithville Dream Team : Daily Record Press Box

  2. 86smithie says:

    Well stated plesson. Dorksen’s reporting is consistant with what I heard during Coach Schrocks meeting Monday evening.

  3. plesson says:

    If the 1/11 Aaron Dorksen article is correct and the events happened as written…Keib and Becker should be fired, and Robinson should learn a lesson about reacting to a situation without investigation. If the board wants to regain any community respect, they had better deal with this and start doing some oversight and throw away their rubber stamps. They left Brown get away with far more than they should of with the building fiasco, and now this.

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