Bad times for Smithville

| December 17, 2011 | 1 Comment

The past few days have been quick, stunning, breathtaking and at times just a little too much.
All of this addresses perfectly the situation in Smithville and the coup by the Green Local Board of Education and Interim Superintendent Judy Robinson. It definitely leaves this writer scratching my head and wondering, what exactly were these people thinking?
Though admittedly I have never followed the “Godfather” Keith Schrock closely, I have grown to admire what he has done at Smithville on such a consistent basis. In a job that sees so much change in strategies, ways to attack opponents, styles and kids, he has found a way to make his ground-and-pound work for 35 years.
For this I salute Mr. Schrock, all the past and present football players, the awesome assistant coaches in Chuck Saris, Bill Hardman, Al Teague, Sam Sayre, Mike Baker and Tyler Bates, and the wonderful parents.
Then I ask myself, how did this all happen?
The only answer is a lack of respect for a program, a coach, the student-athletes and above all the community of which Smithville football is founded on. When personal motives interfere on the general well-being of a district, it appalls me, but I keep telling myself, it’s happening more and more. It’s sickening to be honest, and what’s worse is that no one in the know had the guts to stand up and say, ‘Is this right?” Instead we get the gag order (the confidentiality paper) from the board of Smithville due to their unwillingness to face the severity of their actions around Christmas time. Instead they want to wait to til after Christmas to deal with it, well Ms. Robinson and ladies and gentlemen of the board, you created the situation, stand up and answer, quit hiding behind the cloak as this only further disrespects one of Wayne County’s greatest ever football coaches. It’s not his legacy you’re tarnishing, it’s yours and I might add, yours isn’t looking so hot.
I firmly believe with all of my heart that Mr. Keith Schrock deserved and earned the right to say “I am done,” at his choosing. He put 35 years into the Green Local Schools, effected countless lives as a chemistry teacher and helped to build character in many more young men. Never did Schrock quit, even if he thought the well was running dry, he plugged on and he did it for his players. He instilled into them the understanding of hard work, execution and seeing a job through to its entirety. Something that I fear the future replacement coach knows nothing about.

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Joshua McWilliams

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  1. shantell says:

    Not just young men. Mr Schrock was my chemistry/physics teacher at Smithville. He was a great teacher. He put up with a lot of shenanigans out of us and still managed to get us ready to go to college. Yes he’s been a wonderful coach but a wonderful educator too. I’m ashamed to read about this kind of bs going on at my alma mater. Apparently the character and integrity that I learned at SHS isn’t there anymore.

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