Will you do a “Tebow?”

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What is going on in Denver and with Tim Tebow? Is it okay the way he flaunts his religious belief on every play and every moment he gets? Where do you draw the line?
Well for right or for wrong, I am going to weigh in on this. Granted I have heard the pundits on ESPN, FOX Sports and CBS talk about it, I kind of formed my own opinion.
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know and I don’t know for all four above questions.
No really I do know so here is my thought,
Denver is a heckuva football team that is just now playing good football and their coaching staff is doing it the right way. The trick to any good coach is to build your style/strategy off the talent you have on the roster and see what it produces. I give John Fox and John Elway credit for doing just this. Though both men come from more traditional sense of football, both have opened their eyes to the possibility that this may work, for this year. I believe that both men are also very aware that in order to continue the success, they are going to have to add a few more pieces and their defense could use some help.
Tim Tebow is a good quarterback. His biggest asset is his heart, but that will only carry him so far as he is prone to injuries with his style of football. The spread option attack works in the college ranks, but in the NFL that constant bashing of grown men will take its toll, so in order for Tebow to continue his success, he will most definitely need to improve his throwing.
As for his religious beliefs and where do I draw the line. It’s a testy issue and no real way to solve the problem other than to just stop and do a “Tebow.” Well I don’t mind his “Tebow” move after scores because we have other players doing the airplane crash, faking like they shot themselves, the spike, dancing and heck we even have players kicking other players with intent to hurt and getting slapped on the wrist, good job NFL.
I don’t mind if he thanks “God” at the beginning of his press conferences, but after that, I do agree that it is kind of overboard. In this case I have to agree with Jake Plummer, former Denver quarterback, who said,
“I can think back to when I was a kid watching sports — me and my brothers were big sports fans — it always seemed to trivialize that importance of a relationship of that sort that people had with Jesus Christ or with God. Whatever it was it seemed to be an inappropriate place to bring it up after a football game or a basketball game or whatever, but I am not dissing the guy (Tebow) for his beliefs. He obviously is a good kid. He’s got a lot of strong morals and values — it’s just I’ll TiVo it and then I’ll mute it. I don’t have to hear it. It’s our option. We can listen if we want.I have nothing against the guy’s playing ability — like I said he is a winner. It’s nice to see them winning. It’s nice to see them winning however they can. That’s not very common in the NFL that you win however you can.”
So to finalize my point, thank God Tim and then let it be. Set aside your beliefs, not asking you to forsake them, and answer the questions that the press have for you. Continue to be candid and what you do in your personal life, is exactly that, personal.

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  1. FarmerBlue says:

    I just finished a book that ask the question are you a fan or a follower? When I look at my own life most of the time I’m a fan. Tim Tebow is a follower.

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