Norwayne over Orrville!!

| November 13, 2011 | 1 Comment

The rise of the underdo

Wow! Floored may have been the better word for myself and the vast majority of Wayne County people who know anything about either team. Norwayne was by far the underdog coming into this matchup and Orrville definitely carried majority of the cards when both teams met up on Saturday.

The thing I can say are simply, the Bobcats proved me wrong.

With Adam Wallace anything is possible. The guy was the difference with his passing, toughness, leadership and just raw unbelievable talent. I can see why some in Creston think he could go Div. I. He is by far one of the most special players to come through the area as of late.

Team him up with the likes of the Zimmerly boys, Berger and Maibach, Norwayne took the torch from the Red Riders and proved for this year, that they are the area’s elite. I like their chances moving forward, but either way however it ends, Norwayne you just made this a season to remember for both yourself and everyone involved in your program.

For the rabid Cat fans that took the time to email me (made me eat some crow), I appreciate your strong school spirit. You have a team to be proud of, so enjoy the ride. Hope you guys continue to make the area proud as you play onward!

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  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    I agree that many thought Orrville was the favorite, including myself. What’s interesting, though, is that and BOTH had Norwayne winning (by 1 and 6, respectively). Good luck to Norwayne against Girard! has Norwayne winning by 2. Calpreps has Girard winning by 4.

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