Norwayne vs. Orrville? Riders all the way if they play

| October 8, 2011 | 8 Comments

So lately I have heard the rumors and have tried to ignore them.
Seriously, Norwayne vs. Orrville?
I understand both sides’ arguments of how this wouldn’t be a contest or how it would be so interesting to see.
Well, I decided to weigh in with my opinion for what its worth to all The Daily Record readers.
Forget it. As much as I respect coach Joe Harbour and all that he has done at Norwayne, I just don’t believe this matchup would be close. I mean it would a great drawing card for tickets, but I am pretty positive otherwise this would all be academic.
A look at Norwayne — very talented team, No. 2 in computer points ( and it all starts with quarterback Adam Wallace. The young man can do anything, throw, run and honestly is the best catalyst in the Wayne County Athletic League. You have the Zimmerly boys, who just are headaches for other teams on the ground (a chip off the old block) and you have the receiving corps of Mitch Knieriem, Brady Berger and Kaleb Harris, which also has lots of skill.
The weakness lies in fact the Bobcats play in the WCAL, where every team in the league is either in Div. IV or below. Norwayne does spice it up outside the league with a tough opponent in CVCA, which is a Div. 2 contender.
A look at Orrville — A very banged up team, going through a tough stretch and on the outskirts of the computer points ( They have some of the best skill players in the area in Drew Brenner (WR), Stewart Turner (WR) and Mason Monheim (LB/RB), and play the area’s toughest schedule. The played Northwest (Div. III, 5-2), who is currently 11th in their region), Copley (Div. II, 5-2), is currently 9th in its region and West Holmes (Div. III, 5-2), which is currently 9th in its region. I believe the schedule says it all.
The question mark for Orrville is in its quarterback play. No doubt the success of the Red Riders will not lie in the hands of their talented skill players, but whether or not Kyle Lichti can effectively get the ball to them and play consistently at a high level.
So to wrap it up, I am sorry readers, yeah the dressing looks good, but you get to the meat and potatoes, it isn’t even a contest. I for one would say in Vegas style, I give the Red Riders a plus-11.

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Joshua McWilliams

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    Norwayne vs. Orrville? Riders all the way if they play : Daily Record Press Box

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    Norwayne vs. Orrville? Riders all the way if they play : Daily Record Press Box

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  5. John says:

    Not even a contest Josh ? Seriously ? Now…,you can tell all just how pitifully wrong you were….,or you can print how Norwayne got lucky and REALLY stands no chance against Girard. In Vegas style, I bet you do the latter. You just couldn’t be this wrong twice. I’ll also bet you rooted for LeBron & Miami in the finals…..And you hate the movie Hoosiers. Title for your Bio………. Requiem of a Whipping Boy !

  6. Jeff Bennett says:

    I watched them play vs. Waynedale. I think their weakness is with field goals. 2 missed in this game. Could be the difference??

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