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Every summer, The Daily Record Sports Staff scours the country side, or just Wayne and Holmes counties, for young athletes to feature in our Summer Spotlight section, which runs Thursdays.

The questions are typed on a sheet of paper, and kids are asked to fill them out. Usually, they can whip through it with little to no thought, but occasionally, questions trip them up, and it’s usually the same few —favorite actor, favorite video game, favorite singer.

Now, these are difficult questions to answer, especially if you’re only 8-years-old and haven’t quite established a favorite musical genre, let alone singer who defines you.

The one question that kids are always quick to answer, though,

Matthew playing shortstop for the Auburn Doubledays last summer.

is “favorite sports memory.” For many kids, it’s scoring a goal, swimming a fast time or smashing a game-winning hit.

My favorite sports memory has nothing to do with myself. Rather, it’s about watching my little brother, Matthew, live his dream of being a professional baseball player.

For as long as I can remember, Matthew, who is two years younger than me, has wanted to be a baseball player. There was no question in his mind that he could achieve this goal, even though I’m certain he heard, “what is your backup?” from more than one person.

When he didn’t get drafted as a College of Wooster senior last summer, Matthew was bummed. But, shortly after he was contacted by the Toronto Blue Jays and signed as a free agent.

One of the proudest moments I’ve ever had, not just in sports but in life, was watching Matthew walk onto the field in his Auburn Doubledays uniform last summer.

Sometime Monday, Matthew will find out where he will spend this summer baseball —either Vancouver, Canada or Bluefield, W.Va. I’m excited to find out where, and even more excited to track my little brother’s progress as he continues on this journey.


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  1. Update! Matthew was assigned to the Vancouver Canadians Monday afternoon. He flew out Tuesday, and will have a few days of practice before their home opener Friday. Even though he is miles away from us, I know a lot of people are excited to keep up with his progress this summer. The three hour time difference will make it hard for my parents to stay up late and listen to Matthew’s games online, but he ended up where he wanted to, which is what we wanted most.

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