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| May 26, 2011 | 2 Comments

We’re in the middle of the track and field postseason, and I’ve witnessed several false starts — some by local standouts.

It seems a little unfair that after all the hard work and dedication an athlete puts into their craft, one misstep can be the difference between going on and going home.

I know thinclads used to be allowed one false start — a free pass if you will. That could result in eight false starts per race, though — and with 24 of them a meet, that can really add on to already long days.

But, basketball players are allowed five fouls before they are sent to the bench and baseball and softball players get three strikes. So, wouldn’t it seem right to give track athletes at least that courtesy?

What do you think … should the OHSAA go back to allowing athletes one false start?

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  1. Bead Bower says:

    YES!!! A false start should be allowed. Not to take away from the Norwayne Girls 4×1 team but Rittman won state last year and had they not DQ’ed it would have been a much different race. As a competitor I feel to be the best you’ve got to beat the best and unfortunately that didn’t happen.

    • The only difference with that was Rittman’s team didn’t false start, they exchanged the baton out of the zone. I doubt the OHSAA would allow for teams to have more than one violation like that per meet. I do agree with you on the false start, though. I think athletes should be allowed two.

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