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| May 7, 2011 | 4 Comments

Now that The DR Press Box is open for business, it will be interesting to see the direction it takes.

Personally, it’s an opportunity to throw some thoughts and opinions out there, some of them random. And, with the ability to add video, the possibilities are endless.

I’d most like to see our readers get involved. Knowing that there are sites out there sports fans in the area frequent, there’s no reason this can’t be a high-priority stop. Eventually, I could see us hosting chats (or refereeing them) … it’d be great to see Cavs fans weighing in on draft night, or hearing different takes on what OSU should do with Jim Tressel.

What I’m really looking forward to August, when h.s. football begins to gear up. With so many rivalries – and passionate fan bases – I’m counting on everyone to get on here … and let it fly

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Mike Plant

About Mike Plant: Mike Plant has been in the business long enough to remember when cut-and-paste involved actual cutting and pasting. Having been alive in 1964, he does not believe in the curse on Cleveland’s sports teams, although Game 7 of the 1997 World Series made him waver a little. A graduate of Wooster High, Northwood University and Kent State, Plant has two sons making their way out in the world, neither of whom ever ask him for money. And, although he tries to avoid cliches when writing, he does, indeed, have an ex who lives in Texas. Plant lives in Wooster, and can be reached at 330-287-1649 or mplant@the-daily-record. He gladly welcomes all story ideas. View author profile.

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    My view from the pressbox : Daily Record Press Box

  3. Amish Mutt says:

    Competition between private and public schools in high school sports. I call it “Recruiting schools” vrs “Play-with-the-hand-you-are-dealt-with” schools. The current resolve to the situation that is going to be voted on probably wouldn’t work. As accurately stated by Aaron Dorksen, it would create a logjam of high competition for each division.
    My only suggestion isn’t perfect either. Have public school divisions and private schools divisions. They can comptete against each other in regular season, but playoffs they go back to the two league system. Add an extra week at the end and have the champion from each division compete for a true state champion. Example: Div. I Public Vrs. Div. I Private. This would eliminate having to calculate what division a school should be in if they are private. Keep the same standards that determine what division they are in.

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    I have an idea for a way to get viewers involved. Is there a way you guys could start a thread/chat place strictly for posting scores for all area teams by viewers and staff alike? Like Mike alluded to, there are a number of sites we use to get scores like Yappi, JJHuddle, OhioChatter, and Twitter… but if we could just come to a single site,, to get WCAL, PAC-7, OCC, and other scores, it might bring more traffic, since I’m sure there are viewers that read this site but do not have accounts for any of the other main forums. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

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